September 10, 2009

The Outstanding Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox 3.5

I have been using Firefox since more than a year now. Internet Explorer...I must say is way behind Firefox. Google Chrome...although light in still is a let-down for me, & for a million people living around this world wide web...& that is because chrome is not an open source browser. I always give more consideration to the geekys, because almost every geek aspires of being a day...& as far as pros are concerned, they already possess a lot of consideration (from these geek , especially). I appeal to all geek ppl thru this post "switch to Mozilla Firefox, it'll help you cut the time to travel the distance from geek to pros quite fast". You should ask 'why', so I say, this post will tell you exactly why you should switch...Here I am making a wider consideration in terms of the class of readers who would be reading this post/blog (The Geeks, The Curious Learners & The Pros as well) so...I will be playing around the very specific reason as to why Firefox is better than the rest...I.e "The Open Source Scripting Extensions" in simple terms...The Add-Ons.
Add-Ons are a great way to literally recreate your web browser in exactly same way as you want it to's like installing new limbs, sensory organs & efficiency to your body. Many people would argue 'what is the need if my browser already has all that, which I want', I actually don't know what your browser could do (had it been like Firefox) that's why you have adjusted yourself to the limitations of your browser...
your browser can...
  • Be a bill pay assistant
  • Manage and remember your password
  • Extensively find those things which you have interest
  • Block the unwanted annoying adds of the web pages making it cleaner
  • Search for & protect you against malwares & viruses
  • Stop hackers from tampering your confidential data
  • Update you about your tax payments
  • Discreetly visit the sites, get the necessary information & report it back to you
  • Download a movie, video song, picture album, while you are at work
  • Boost your social life, deliver instant messages right into your browser from friends & family...
and literally everything IE/Chrome/Opera blah...blah... Can't do  :-)
Here are a few of the 1000's of add-ons which take care of the a fore-said tasks which Firefox add-ons will do for you.
card_adblock card_aniweather  card_billeo 
card_brief card_cinemaone card_forexfox
card_googletube card_headlineticker card_imacros 
card_privatebrowsing card_sensexticker card_supersearchpeople 
card_sxipper card_tokbox card_tvfox
Above are a few Add-Ons...those I which like, use & recommend, click on the image to go directly to that Add-Ons page to read more; Recently Mozilla Labs introduced a fantastic utility called 'Collections' (collections are a way for you to categorize, mix, match and mingle Add-Ons. Subscribe to collections created by other users or create your own.)  For now I have created 3 collections based on the kind of Add-Ons which it consists.
envirofox sociofox unplugfox
Today I just want to send my thanks to Google & Mozilla through my blog, I thought a sincere 'thanks' is really needed here as I have been using many of their software products.
  • Most convenient environment to surf the web - Get Mozilla Firefox 3.5
  • My stunning, light-weight & ever-evolving desktop - Get Google desktop
  • Fast, Smartest & efficient, homely e-mail client - Get Mozilla Thunderbird
  • A very well managed daily schedule of work & meetings - Get Mozilla Sunbird
  • 'The' best in the market...Blogging platform...(must mention, Free!) - Get Google Blogger
These are a few of the select picks of software of Mozilla & Google, which I use regularly. If few of you people are new to Mozilla Firefox & want to know in detail, what Firefox add-ons are? then visit here. Almost a year back, Mozilla launched a great new thing, ‘the add-on-collector’, basically this thing is a Firefox extension only; but the real value of this extension lies in it’s usage, this extension facilitates the collection of the myriad number of add-ons, available for Firefox. Why is this needed? Now If you use Firefox & already use a more than handful of add-ons, then you must have come across a situation when you are supposed to format your PCs & laptops, or due to some malfunctioning of your Internet device or hardware, your Firefox crashes and it won’t start-up; In such circumstances you’ll have to re-install the Firefox...then when you are done with re-installing...the first thing you notice is the missing add-ons, which are important to you, so what’ll you do?
  • Option one- manually install all the fav add-ons turn-by-turn.
  • Option two- use your add-ons collector and forget the manual part of add-ons installation. (quicker & shorter)
You’ll then almost undoubtedly choose the option two! & this is where your add-on-collector comes in handy... moreover, at the home page of Mozilla add-ons site, you can share, comment, suggest & socialize over the other Firefox users add-on collections So I think you have now a clear picture of what is add-on-collector all about.Take this as a foreword on why Mozilla Firefox!...go to the link below & see the actual thing, see the videos there...(think over it if you want) & TRY FIREFOX.
Visit -
mozbar new

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