September 1, 2009

Iconization 300809


The old known bookmarks, have quickly surpassed a few early stages of evolution in a very short time. One such remarkable stage is called 'the age of social bookmarking'. Few are those people who are in the process of acquaintance to this term. If you are one of's good to know that, 'you surely will catch up to the fast pace of this ever-growing web world and it's treasure of invention'; I say this because I believe, you possess the thirst of gaining knowledge. So what is social bookmarking? For a quick info on what it is, check out Jim Vennemeyer's blogpost. Today there are a plenty of sites which provide this service of social bookmarking, like digg, reddit, StumbleUpon, etc.

As a devoted blogger I would like to point you to some really 'info-juicy' links were you can get a clean picture of how to make use of social bookmarking phenomenon on blogger, check that out at Danny Douglass's blogpost.

As a Graphics Designer, I prefer self designed stuff over others, so when I thought of putting up some social bookmarking icons (buttons), I naturally thought of designing a nice set of those, Still there are plenty of really cool social bookmarking icons available (for free) on the Internet,  you can simply Google for 'social bookmarking icons'  and you will get them. I have finished designing some 23 odd icons (PNGs) & wish to share those with you. It may be possible that some of you would like to see few specific icons of social bookmarking sites which I have not provided if that is the case, just let me know your requirements through comments & I'll design those buttons for.

So here is the link to the Icon Set named ICONIZATION_300809.

download Iconization


  1. It looks like you figured out the bookmarks OK. Let me know if you are still having trouble with the borders. Nice site man.

  2. Thanks Joeprah,
    A comment from a pro like you means a lot to me.
    know what?! yours is the first comment I ever got on my blog.

  3. Hey Varquazar,

    I really like the set. It has an organic feel and yet it still remains polished and smooth--kind of like a worn, wooden chess set. Good stuff my man. Greetings from the US, remain in touch.


  4. Varquazar,
    dude yr icons ar one of a kind, nice styll.
    hope to c more such stuff >>>
    n thnx fur sharing