July 16, 2009

Iconization 160709

Over the recent past I have been observing this trend...that is, people like to find those things on the Internet which are simpler, readable and most importantly 'short' ; for an instance if someone comes across a blog which has loads of text and no images or Graphical Conveying Media elements then, he or she might simply scroll down and exit. On the other hand if a blog contains few text (no long sentences and no paragraphs at all), bolder letters, and loads of GCMe or Graphical Conveying Media elements then he or she might very well stay on the blog post and further, if liked will bookmark or simply right click on an image and click 'save image as'.

I believe this factor should be taken into consideration, especially by those who want to build large readers or those who aim at monetizing. But I might not agree with this factor in case if someone simply wants to speak the heart out...then one won't like to keep the word count low. Isn't it!
With nexus to this 'keep your word count low' factor for blogging, I recently came across a similar kind of blog  which read 'a photo blog'... The idea is really catchy...post a series of pictures/ photos, which weave a nice story (well, I think 'story-fying' shouldn't  be compulsive factor though!). But isn't it really cool & easy like that, just scroll through the picture stream and get to know the idea...& this is quick 'light-weight' for our eyes. I think I'll try that some day :-)
As of now I have something very shareable for you...icons, and all the icons(.ico) which I am publishing in this post, are designed by me. Just as a reminder that "energenesis" is a place where I will share my creative side with the likes of people like you, who have interest in Design & Creativity...or those who have an eye of appreciation for good design.
So here is the link to the icon-set named ICONIZATION_160709. (note: The number after the title of the icon set is the date in d/m/y format)

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  1. I've enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for the comments. I like the layout and content. I will admit, I am not as technically savvy with these things. Keep up the good work!