July 10, 2009

Showcase: Varquazar's Photography Pics

Leather TurfOne of my hobbies which I cherish a lot is  'Photography'. As an architect by profession, I am more into the architectural photography, as it is also a part of my project-work, that is, whenever a project is completed in all aspects, we architects (mostly all) tend to document that project where the final building photographs are always an added advantage; That way I maintain a collection of albums with photographs of some aesthetically rich projects on which I have worked.
I might carry on with this architectural side of photography, but I don't intend to reach out just those people who are into architecture that is why I won't elaborate that aspect in here. Moreover the selective photographs which I am going to post here are based on nature & still-life (conceptually) so I am sure you will enjoy these. So here are a few of my photography-pics, & yes feel free to comment on what you think about the photographs. :-)
Coffeelicious Chiaroscuro Country Canvas
Collage Natural Composition Natural Geometry
Shipwreak Silhouettes Smokell
Spacexudance Viewer's Twist

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