July 9, 2009

Varquazar says...

Welcome to energenesis!
Since last few weeks I went into a hibernate mode, didn't wrote post for energenesis. The reason was I was exploring the infinite world of blogging, HTML coding & related stuff...I did collected some valuable information & am still in the process of updating myself with the fast-paced 'e-world' but thought that this should not be the reason for not posting...

Along the way on the learning curve...I zeroed on one thought of mine...that 'I would,...from now on use energenesis only for design related stuff & am planning to create a new blog (name not yet decided). That new blog will see a mixture of Informative as well as design related posts' I plan to post few collections of icon-sets all designed by me...Currently I am working on 'varxfabets', it's the name given to the icon-set based on alphabets (it's like varx+alfabets = varxfabets ). But it'll take some time before that. I'll probably publish two sets named as 'Guild War Icons-set' & 'Age Of Empires Icons-set'.
I thing that will be the content for my next post in here.(probably)..This post is more as a intro in words, that of the idea or concept of this blog; whereas the previous post titled 'energenesis outbreak' is also an intro but in picture frames (check it out if you haven't seen that post). Energenesis will still see some changes in a few day, as I am still in the process of dressing it up...Hope you'll like the place in here.

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