July 7, 2009

Energenesis Outbreak

Welcome to energenesis, this first post at energenesis is a pictorial slide-show sequence describing the concept story of the blog...Design is always going to be 'food' for this blog. I plan to make it an active source, free of any inhibitions, those of graphics design & modern digital art (does include digital/electronic art as well). By saying 'active' I intend to make this blog a platform for young designers like me, to interact & share their designs, thoughts & suggestions; so energenesis is intended to be active in that sense. :-)

I need suggestions...loads of them, from you design enthusiasts, to help me make this place a better sharing platform. Invariably I take into consideration the ideology that 'as I call you guys for helping my blog grow, I should also do something on the similar lines, so that I help you in growing your blog as well... I would love to provide you any help in the field of design resources, Ideas, art pieces, design suggestions, and even helping you set your blog exactly the way you want it to be. So please get yourself to spun a friendly creative & truly resourceful, open group of individuals & bloggers.

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